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Compliance Questions

Violations are given when the regulations that are outlined in your associations DCCRs are not being followed.

Your violation will be closed once your community manager deemed it is within compliance. This could be done in the next inspection, or you can reach out to them via email to show compliance.

You are always more than welcome to call our office or email your community manager regarding your violation.

After 2 violation letters you will receive a PC209, and this is the point that you violation could be subject to a fine. Please check your associations fine policy in your DCC&Rs

You can report a violation by calling into our office to speak with your community manager or you can send them an email with photos and description of the violation on question. You can also report a violation on your homeowner portal under “Resident Requests”.

Your DCC&Rs can be found in your closing documents from the title company or on your homeowner portal under documents! This is also where you can find your associations Bylaws.

The management company is only able to issue violations for compliance issues visible from the street. You’re welcome to send pictures to your Community Manager. You may also reach out to code compliance.

You can report this to your community manager but please remember that they can only issue violations based off what they see during community inspections. We highly suggest reaching out to code compliance.

Please read over your associations DCC&Rs under the “lease restrictions/rentals” section for your association’s guidelines on rentals.

Your fence is shared property between you and your neighbor split 50/50. Since the HOA does not own either property we cannot get involved. Please reach out to your counties dispute center if this is not easily resolved