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What Sets Us Apart

At AMG we take great pride in the opportunity to serve you and focus on building a lasting partnership, not just gaining a contract. We know a strong community starts with and is further strengthened by, the support of its management team.

We offer many digital solutions to ensure smart and convenient service but will never forget the value of developing personal relationships. Being locally owned and operated, we are always available to meet with you face-to-face and are easily accessible over the phone. We provide a direct connection to a live person who values your call and facilitates same-day solutions. While we approach each association as a business, focusing on its overall growth and success, we treat each resident like family.

Our community managers have the smallest portfolio in the industry, allowing them the needed time to focus on caring for every aspect of your association and providing them the ability to anticipate problems before they arise. They take great pride in ensuring quick, reliable solutions. We know excellent service is the single greatest aspect of association management, and believe our knowledge, attention to detail and focus sets us apart.