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General Questions

An HOA, or homeowners’ association, is a self-governing organization in “common-interest” communities where homeowners collectively pay fees to maintain the units or neighborhood.

When your association is looking for a new Board Member notices/ call to serves will be sent out to the association via e-blast and mailers!

A vote cast by one person as a representative of another.

Being a part of the HOA is not optional. The developer or board of directors, form a mandatory HOA, either a strong majority of current homeowners or a developer create covenant documents called CCRs (covenants, codes, and restrictions) that outline the rules of the HOA and file them with the county land records office. The covenants then become a package deal with the land, making them binding on all future purchases of any homes within the HOA community.

ACC Questions

Most of the time this is due to the request not being fully completed. Common reasons are:

  • Survey or plat map was not included.
  • Project rendering was not including.
  • Materials were not included.
  • Specific paint/stain color was not approved. Check your governing document or reach out to your community manager for a list of approved stain colors.

Keep an eye out for your association’s newsletters or e-blasts for requests for added members for the committee. You can also email your Community Manager inquiring for a position.

Most associations have a 30-day time frame for the ACC Committee to make their final decision.

A stipulation on your approval letter means that your project was approved, and you can go ahead with the construction, but you must follow the added guidelines set by your ACC Committee.

Buying/Selling Home

Resale Package

      • The package will include a full set of the associations governing documents, recent financials and budgetary information, insurance information, as well as the resale disclosure certificate.

Statement of account

      • This statement lists any fees associated with the property or the Association and the homeowner's current balance


      • A condominium questionnaire is a document required by lenders to finance a property designated as a condominium or townhouse that is a part of a homeowner’s association.
      • The document supplies evidence that the condominium project follows lender’s underwriting requirements. This section supplies an overview of the requirements for this document and helps explain how condominiums affect the lending process.

Certificate of Insurance

  • A HOA certificate of insurance is a document issued by an insurance company, agent or broker that verifies that your HOA has insurance coverage.

Resale packages are sent via email. If you are needing a paper copy, please reach out to our Resale Specialist

A cap fee is a onetime payment for developing associations that goes towards the capital fund for future amenities or any add.

A transfer fee is a fee that covers the administrative expenses involved with the transfer of ownership of the property

Portal Questions

You will need your account number, you can find this on your welcome letter, most recent statement or you can call us at 210-485-4088 and one of our friendly representatives will provide it.

If you have just moved into a home in one of our associations, we must wait for your title company to send your closing documents to us. If you would like to have you account set up as soon as possible, please email your Closing Documents to our Accounts Receivable team.

We will need a copy of the new deed or an official document stating that the homeowner has changed.

You can call our office and one of our friendly representatives will assist you with updating this information

You can reset your password by clicking “forgot password” on the login page and you will receive an email with a link to create a new password

You can find your account number in your welcome letter, portal or on a copy of your billing statement.

Payment Questions

If your account shows parenthesis around your balance due that means that you have a credit that will be used for your next assessment.

You might not have paid your most recent assessment.

Quarterly assessments are due January 1st, April 1st, July 1st, and October 1st, Annual are due every January 1st, semiannual are due January 1st and July 1st * some associations might have different due dates and you can find it out by looking at your closing documents.

You are more than welcome to make the payment on their homeowner portal, mail a check to our Las Vegas PO box or bring a check into the office located at 2611 N. Loop 1604 W. San Antonio, TX 78258

Las Vegas address

Your association name
c/o Alamo Management Group
P.O Box 96925
Las Vegas, NV 89193-6925

For security reasons we are not able to take payments over the phone.

We charge a late fee the 1st of the month following your payments due date.

Your HOA dues cover the maintenance and upkeep of your association, utilities, and insurance.

If you make your payment at the end of the month that it was due it might have been processed after the 1st of the month. To avoid future late fees please ensure that you are making the payment at an earlier date or choosing express processing.

You can apply for a payment plan by emailing your request to [email protected].

Access Questions

You can purchase you access card here on the AMG website under the access/amenity tab!

  • If your pool access card is not working, please ensure that you are up to date with your assessments and you have completed and signed your pool waiver.
  • If you are still not able to access your amenity, please reach out to our IT department.

Compliance Questions

Violations are given when the regulations that are outlined in your associations DCCRs are not being followed.

Your violation will be closed once your community manager deemed it is within compliance. This could be done in the next inspection, or you can reach out to them via email to show compliance.

You are always more than welcome to call our office or email your community manager regarding your violation.

After 2 violation letters you will receive a PC209, and this is the point that you violation could be subject to a fine. Please check your associations fine policy in your DCC&Rs

You can report a violation by calling into our office to speak with your community manager or you can send them an email with photos and description of the violation on question. You can also report a violation on your homeowner portal under “Resident Requests”.

Your DCC&Rs can be found in your closing documents from the title company or on your homeowner portal under documents! This is also where you can find your associations Bylaws.

The management company is only able to issue violations for compliance issues visible from the street. You’re welcome to send pictures to your Community Manager. You may also reach out to code compliance.

You can report this to your community manager but please remember that they can only issue violations based off what they see during community inspections. We highly suggest reaching out to code compliance.

Please read over your associations DCC&Rs under the “lease restrictions/rentals” section for your association’s guidelines on rentals.

Your fence is shared property between you and your neighbor split 50/50. Since the HOA does not own either property we cannot get involved. Please reach out to your counties dispute center if this is not easily resolved